Javanese food or Javanese cuisine is a traditional cuisine originated in East and Central Java. in the Javanese cuisine rice as the main important staple food of Javanese dietary life. The Javanese cuisine consists many spices like garlic(bawang),shallot(brambang), ginger(jahe),lemon grass(sere),and lime leave.The palm sugar, fermented shrimp paste,and coconut milk also contained in Javanese ingredients


The Javanese food has developed over centuries.Before rice introduced to Java island, steple food is uncommon by early Java island islander.Rice introduced by Indian immigrant in early 5th century AD and raised to be most important staple food by Javnese and Sundanese people.

The book of Centini a 16th century traditional Javanese poem also contains

names of Javanese food which common in Indonesia now like fried rice(nasi goreng or sego goreng), yellow rice,coconut chicken,and satay

Common food and dishes in Javanese cuisineEdit

  • Common rice based Javanese food
  1. Nasi goreng
  2. Yellow rice
  3. Green yellow rice
  4. Javanese chicken porridge
  • Common meat, fish and egg based Javanese food
  1. Ponorogo chicken satay
  2. Slat solo
  3. Rawon
  4. Oxtail soup
  5. Soto (popular in entire Indonesia)
  6. Coconut chicken
  7. Crispy fried chicken
  8. Seasoned milkfish
  9. Chinese salty duck egg (also popular by entire Indonesian people)
  • Common Javanese dessert and drink
  1. Serabi (in picture)
  2. sweet iced tea
  3. Teh botol
  4. Apem
  • Adopted and modificated foreign food and sauce
  1. Spekkuk (cinamon layer cake)
  2. Chinese Pie
  3. Moon cake
  4. Sweet soy sauce (popular in entre Indonesia)
  • Another food and sauce
  1. Tempe
  • Sauce
  1. Chilli sauce with fermented shrimp paste