Sundanese food or cuisine is a traditional food originated from west Java ,

although its neighbouring Javanese cuisine, and sharing same spices, the Sundanese cuisine its quite differ than the Javanese cuisine, The Sundanese cuisine is more easy cooking and less contains coconut milk and palm sugar than Javanese cuisine.

Common Sundanese food and dishesEdit

  • Common Sundanese meat and fish based dishes
  1. Gepuk ( sweetened beef jerky)
  2. Deep fried gourami
  3. Deep fried baby goldfish
  4. Yellow fried chicken(also popular in entire Indonesia)
  • Common Sundanese rice based dishes
  1. Nasi tutup oncom (baked rice with red fermented soy bean)
  2. Yellow rice ( also popular in entire Indonesia)
  • Modificated foreign food
  1. Tahu gejrot (fried tofu with thight ginger sauce)
  2. Tauco (popular in entire Indonesia, a brown sauce made by fermented soy)
  3. Kecap (also popular in entire Indonesia, a sweet soy sauce)

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